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Selling with

The Real Estate Store

Your Real Estate Store REALTOR professional has many tools to market your home.

We use Current Market Data to give you an Accurate Listing Price before puting your property on the market.

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Be Prepared.

Price It Correctly

  • • Overpricing will result in longer time on the market and lower offers.

  • • Your real estate pro will know the market & show you statistics.

Make it Accessible

  • • You want your house to be viewed as much as possible.

  • • Be ready for showings.

  • • Make sure it is plowed in the winter.

Clean and Declutter

  • • Fresh, clean, & clutter free sells quicker.

  • • Sells for more money because buyers have less questions & see the property is taken care of.

Fix the Small Stuff

  • • Touch up paint.

  • • Fix any leaks.

  • • Complete little projects.

  • • Replace burnt out lightbulbs.

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How much does it cost to list my property?

Zero Dollars! A REALTOR’s commission is paid when the property sells. When you list your property, we agree on a set flat fee or percentage based on the sales price of the property (not the list price). The commission is a closing cost which is paid at the time of sale.


Do I need to be present to list or sell my property?

No. The Real Estate Store works with remote Buyers and Sellers from all over the country and even the world. You do need an active email, access to a fax machine, or have a mailing address. Copies of documents are acceptable for all parts of the sale process EXCEPT FOR CLOSING. You don’t need to be present for closing either. Documents, instructions, and an overnight return label are emailed to you. You MUST mail the original signed documents back for recording purposes.


What if I don’t want my property on the MLS?

You can list your property and have it remain an Off Market property. The Real Estate Store actively looks for the perfect Buyer and markets the property through print materials and direct marketing techniques. The MLS is a great tool to broaden the online exposure of your property. However, it isn’t always the best tool for sensitive properties like active businesses and it isn’t the only tool we use to sell our listings either.

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What is a contingency?

A contingency is anything that is written in to the offer to purchase that must happen in order to close. This could include: financing, a home inspection, the closing date, the buyer needing to sell their property before closing on yours, or even for you to remove all of your personal belongings before closing.


What are closing costs?

There are closing costs for both Buyers and Sellers. The Seller’s closing costs are deed prep, title insurance, title fee, transfer tax, commission, prorating of taxes and utilities to the through the date of closing. These are all strictly related to the real estate portion of the closing. Buyer’s closing costs will include the recording of the deed and whatever mortgage closing costs they have if they are using a lender.


When do I move out?

Generally, you can start moving out once all the contingencies are cleared and you are ready to close. This can be a stressful time because if the Buyer is using financing, the clear to close happens within three days of the closing date. Our agents stay in close contact with you during this process so you know when it is time to move prior to closing.

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