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Career Opportunities


  • 1. You like people.

    A successful REALTOR is likely a people person. Agents enjoy connecting with people through real estate, their lives, and family. They love meeting new people, bringing people together, and making their client’s dreams come true. The real estate business involves a lot of relationship building and being an effective communicator.

  • 2. You like real estate.

    As an agent, you’ll tour many houses, businesses, and properties. You will be viewed as a professional in the industry, so it is important to research and understand things like construction, home styles, & market factors.

  • 3. You like helping people.

    Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions most people encounter. Most real estate consumers don’t understand the ins and outs of the industry and rely on their agent to help ease the stress and calm the nerves through a traumatic time of upheaval and change.

  • 4. You like solving problems.

    A simplified description of an agent’s tasks is constantly problem solving and loving every minute of it. From listing and marketing a home for sale to finding the right listings to show your customers, to negotiating with all parties including other agents; all involve puzzles that need careful consideration and skill to solve.

  • 5. You like variety.

    Part of being a good agent is sometimes combining elements of other occupations to help your client. There will be times you will need to be a counselor, accountant, interior designer, marketing specialist, social media pro, educator, photographer, and even a professional driver.

  • 6. You like learning opportunities.

    The real estate market is constantly changing. There are many facets to learn about such as: markets, trends, technology, demographics, regulations, economics, construction, design, psychology, strategy, appraisal, environment issues, negotiations, and so much more. Education is what keeps agents fresh and improves their skills.

  • 7. You like being creative..

    Real estate agents often design their own marketing plans and materials. With technology, social media, advanced photography, and a progressive broker, creativity is encouraged and embraced.

  • 8. You like flexibility.

    Real estate isn’t a 9 to 5 job. It can be done in addition to a full time career, stay at home jobs, or even while going to school. You have the freedom to set your own schedule and working hours. Be your own boss.

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Forget the rest!

Come work with the BEST!


Do you have what it takes?

Where will I work?

Find a company that you want to work with. One that has a good culture, nurturing environment, strong ethics, clear policies and procedures, and a contract that works for you is important for your success as an agent. The Real Estate Store is an established boutique brokerage that is passionate about real estate, the future of the industry, and the success of our agents. Schedule an interview today to see if we are the right fit for you.

Do you have the time and cash to get licensed?

Starting a career in real estate takes less time than starting other careers. However, it can be a time consuming and expensive venture. You need to complete 40 hours of education and pass a state exam. Count on studying for about a month. The class can be taken online or in person. Costs range from $189-$285. The test costs $79 per time. The state application fee is $88. Once you pass, there are yearly and monthly fees, association dues, and marketing / promotional costs. Plan on spending an additional $1,500. Plus, our area is a border community. Most agents are licensed in both Michigan and Wisconsin. Once, establishing yourself in one state, you may choose to get licensed in the other.

Can I sell real estate part-time?

Yes, in fact, it is easier to transition into real estate full time if you have another source of income. On average, it takes a new agent about 6 months to close their first transaction. Most new agents start by either drawing on their network of friends and family to get listings or work nights and weekends to show properties. Both are affective and are easier with supplemented income in the beginning.

Am I a self-starter?

Real estate boasts the glamour of being your own boss, but that means you have to be disciplined to create your own schedule and stick with it. You are an independent contractor. There is no boss forcing you to go to work and make money.

How much can I earn as a real estate agent?

Real estate is one of the few careers that you can write your own raise. It is commission based, which means generally what you put in is what you will get out. It is not easy but very rewarding.

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Am I Right for Real Estate?

Answer the questions below to see if Real Estate is a good fit for you.

  1. Have you worked in sales and/or does the idea of working in sales excite you? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  2. Have you worked in marketing and/or does the idea of working in marketing and promoting yourself excite you? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  3. Are you creative and enjoy brainstorming, making, and completing unique projects? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  4. Are you tech savvy and open to learning current trends? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  5. Do you enjoy helping people and providing superior customer service? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  6. Are you highly organized, have a strong work ethic, and like following set procedures and routines? [YES] [MAYBE] NO]

  7. Do you enjoy problem solving, negotiating, puzzles, and have follow through? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  8. Are you a good communicator, enjoy educating and leading people, and making decisions? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  9. Do you have some money saved up, a current job, or supplemental income that allows you to spend money on business start up costs like classes, tests, associations, and beginning promotions? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]

  10. Do you have the time and ability to take 40 hours of class either online or in person and then study for a state exam? [YES] [MAYBE] [NO]


Count your points: Yes=2 Maybe=1 No=0

16-20 points: You will rock a real estate career!

Real estate is a multifaceted career that allows people to use many skills and talents to succeed. It is a great industry for people who enjoy helping and working with clients, customers, and colleagues. There is a lot of routine and self discipline, but there is a lot of variety in the tasks that agents do. This is a rewarding career and could be perfect for you.

10-15 points: Don’t quit your day job, but real estate is a great side hustle.

Maybe you aren’t ready to jump into real estate full time, but this could be a great addition to your income or part time job. There are parts of real estate that can be done part time and agents are very successful.

0-9 points: Keep watching real estate on HGTV.

Maybe a career isn’t your best option, but investing could be. Real estate is a lucrative way to diversify your portfolio. If you aren’t ready for investing, then maybe just watching all the action on TV is perfect for you.

Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss your options.

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We offer our agents

  • Help and guidance through the class and testing phase of prelicensure

  • One on one in-field training

  • Company meetings for discussing new information to increase income

  • Friendly non-competitive atmosphere

  • Team building

  • Innovative marketing support

  • 40+ years of real estate knowledge

If you…

  • Can consistently deliver superior customer service

  • Have people skills

  • Are willing to embrace new technologies

  • Are willing to continue learning about real estate and industry best practices

  • Are a good fit with our business culture

…then we would like to interview YOU!

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